20 Loving Ways to Foster a More Peaceful Family

20 Loving Ways to Foster a More Peaceful Family

If yelling and chaos isn’t your thing, then why is creating a peaceful home with kids so hard?

Well, children live in the moment and sometimes that means dissatisfaction … and that leads to other unhappy kinds of moments in a day or week.

However, once you get past the fact that chaos is going to happen, you can then focus on keeping it at bay more and more each day. It can take years to turn a chaotic, angry family around, but it is possible.

There are many elements to keeping a peaceful family and it all begins at home.

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Chaos Breeds More Chaos

Years ago, just before I become a mom, I spent a few years mentoring inner city teen mothers.

My very first mentee was a 14 year old girl. It was an extremely unfortunate situation that broke my heart 10 ways to Sunday, as the saying goes.

To support her, I showed up at her very tiny, concrete block and carpet-less apartment, where she lived with numerous brothers and sisters, each week to take her out of her home and do something uplifting and fun.

Beyond the circumstances, the real issue that put her at-risk as a child was the chaos in her family life.

She couldn’t focus to do her homework because the TV was always on and extremely loud and competing with a loud stereo along with yelling and screaming and other chaotic situations. There was clutter in all corners. There were no soft places to sit or rest and study. Just hard, cold floors and a couch.

It was no wonder the teen rarely went to school, struggled in school and had very low self-confidence.

I learned right then that our home environment is so much more than just offering up a dose of praise and love. We have to set loving, firm boundaries and model what a peaceful life can look like first and foremost. How you maintain your home really can impact a child’s ability to focus and be peaceful.

When I became a mother, I have worked so hard to maintain a peaceful home that offers lots of quiet and time to focus on one thing.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. Kids are still kids and they are still going to get loud and messy and angry. But there are things we can do to tame the chaos and help foster a peaceful environment. These ideas are just the beginning. Join the Abundant Mama Program’s next session for a much deeper look into your own family.

Here are 20 Ways to Foster a More Peaceful Home:

  1. Create peaceful mornings for yourself, first and foremost.
  2. Create peaceful morning routines for your whole family. | Read now.
  3. Intentionally unplug as a family now and then.
  4. Stress kindness over being right as a family.
  5. Surrender to daily routines and make them fun. | Read now. 
  6. Always ask one important question each day.
  7. Create a Family Action Plan to get everyone on the same page.
  8. Set personal goals. | Read now. 
  9. Embrace peaceful afternoon rituals.
  10. Start a gratitude practice.
  11. Change your parenting legacy.
  12. Stop and ask a good question before you yell. | Get the questions here.
  13. Put an end to all of those bad habits causing burnout.
  14. Stop expecting perfect children.
  15. Learn to be content with the life you have rather than chasing the one you want.
  16. Start living more intentionally. | Learn how here. 
  17.  Live like there’s no tomorrow. | Read more here.
  18. Say YES to what makes you all happy.
  19. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.
  20. Figure out what’s causing your own meltdowns.

Creating a peaceful family isn’t easy. And some days it may feel downright impossible. But never give up. There is always hope. And, these 20 ideas are a great place to start if you want to start to tone down the chaos and