Horse Power

Horse Power


Horses are natural experts when it comes to reading subtle communication signals. And because they are so good at it, they can help coach people with team building in all kinds of relationships, from couples to co-workers. That’s exactly why Country Counseling in Harrisburg, Oregon has added a new program called Horse Power to their service options.

What Is Horse Power? 

Horse Power is a unique relationship counseling program that enlists the power of horses to help humans learn relationship skills. Unlike traditional counseling where you sit and talk with a mental health professional, in the Horse Power program couples (families, couples, or co-workers) come to the farm and meet with Dr. Hughey for an interview in which the main relationship challenges are identified. After the interview, the horses are introduced and ground games are played that can reveal to the clients the subtle thoughts and behaviors they may be engaging in that are keeping them from having the healthy, happy relationships they really long for. Sessions are highly interactive and fun. Each session lasts for 90 minutes and time is allowed to discuss the experience and become clear about lessons learned.

Two four legged counselors have recently joined our staff and they are helping ordinary people like you and me learn how to get along better in our own herd at the office or in the family. Doc Hughey along with her human and horse helpers are demonstrating new and different ways of communicating and solving conflicts - using a little horse sense.

To see if you might benefit from this program, call Country Counseling and speak with Doc Hughey. The number is 541-754-7437.

No prior skill with horses is required in order to benefit from this workshop.

You can move forward with a little Horse Power?

             How Is This More Effective Than Talking?

In talk therapy people often go over disagreements the same way they have many times over. Horses add a new element of surprise and feedback that can get through to people in a way that words often fail. Horses are very perceptive and sensitive. They have no pretense and are very honest in their communication.  This kind of interaction is something to be experienced, more than just talked about.

How Much Does It Cost?
The cost per session is $225.00 and a discount is applied when payment is made at the time of the appointment. Dr. Hughey is a licensed psychologist and services may be eligible for health insurance reimbursement.
How Do I Make An Appointment?
Call Country Counseling at 541-998-5660 to arrange for an appointment. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you might have and give you directions to the barn. Call soon. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much fun you can have while you are growing and learning.

What you need to bring...

  • Sturdy shoes (no open toes or sandals)
  • Layers (clothing for both warm and cold conditions)
  • Sunscreen
  • Gloves/hat

    Water and snacks will be provided.
    Workbook will be provided.